How to default a value for a field in Service Desk.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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It may be desirable to default a value for a field when creating a new ticket in Service Desk.

In this example, it is desired that all Incidents are created with a default Priority value of 2.

Using Data Partitions to set default values is one way to accomplish this, and may be done entirely through the interface.



Even though this procedure only makes changes through the interface, it still changes values in the database and also alters how Service Desk behaves. For this reason, it is recommended that this both be trialled on a test system and that a backup of the database be taken before implementing these changes. In addition, there should be an Administrator account without Data Partitions in place in case an incorrect change is made.


Go to the Administration tab in Service Desk and choose the Security folder, then the Data Partitions folder. A list of Data Partitions is displayed, which are matched to the out-of-the-box Access Types in the screenshot from a default installation (below).

Figure 1

Data Partitions are designed to set up different partitions for each Access Type. If you want this to apply to all access types you can apply it to each one of these. Or you can set different default values per access type. Start by testing this with one access type and make sure when you are testing that you are logged in as someone with this access type. Click on the access type you are wanting to set this up for. For this example we will use Employee.

Figure 2

Click the button for New Constraint. Here you will be able to select the table containing the column that you want to assign a default value. For Constraint Type select Defaults. Finally for the Constraint, enter your column name and default value in the format:


Where column_name is your column name and default_value is the value you want to use.

Figure 3

In the above example we are using the Call_Req table to set the priority column to a default value of 2 for newly opened requests and incidents.

Save this and log in as a user with that access type. If the default works as expected, apply these steps to any other access types you would like to use with this default value.