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- We have got the  TSS0962E MAXUSER EXCEEDED - XREF TABLE FULL message for one of our CICS region and we need to debug this

- What's the maximum size of this table?

- Is there any CICS transaction or TSS command to show the size of this table once it's built in CICS? 

- Other means?

z/OSMulti-users address space

- There is no special transaction or command which shows the XREF table. 

- But you can use the transaction TSEU=WHOSON to list any acid logged on to the CICS region. 

- When a multi user region starts up, the MAXUSER XREF table is built to hold the user ID and key. 
- This table is 16 bytes times the MAXUSER value, one 16 byte entry for each user that signs on. 
- When a user signs off, the entry is cleared and available for reuse. 
- When the XREF table fills up, message TSS0962E is issued. Users can sign on, but there is no entry added to the XREF table so if the region abends the      storage for the user(s) is not freed. This can cause orphaned storage. 

- What could be worth to know is why the TSS0962E has been issued. In order to start to debug that, you can turn the LOG=INIT for a couple of minutes and 
run a TSSUTIL REPORT EVENT(JOBS) for that period to identify the process issuing the racinits. An alternative would be to set facility trace for a couple of minutes and then examine it. 

- You can also take a dump of the CICS region when the TSS0962E is issued, I can review it and tell what these signons are for. 

- The XREF table is built in Subpool 230 Key 3 in extended private.

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- You can go to the following link for CA Top Secret message TSS0962E:


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