How to deal with error message DB01410E - DATA SET NAME WRONG CXXNAME

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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When creating and initializing application files used in CA Datacom/AD, you might receive the following error message:


This is a simple message to understand, and relates to one of the features in CA Datacom/AD to help protect user data.


Here is the reason description of the DB01410E message (you can find the whole message in the CA Datacom Messages on


The data set name for the DDNAME should contain the CXXNAME, that is, the DBSIDPR module in use should specify that the CXXNAME is within the data set name for every database index and data area. However, an edit-check discovered an error in which a data set name did not contain the correct name.

Note: This edit check ensures that the data set is being used by the correct CA Datacom instance as part of the protection preventing, for example, a test MUF accidentally pointing to a production data set that could occur if production data sets or different production MUFs were to use each other’s data sets.

In the message text:

>>x is the DDNAME for the data set in error.

y is the CXXNAME that is in use and that is required to be in each index and data area data set name.

z is the data set name for the DDNAME that does not contain the CXXNAME.


As part of the data protection functionality of CA Datacom/AD, you should have an entry in the DBSIDPR module called FORCE_DSN_CXXNAME=. If the value is YES (the default), when a database file is opened, the DSN is checked to be sure it belongs to this MUF, and if not, prevents accessing a database file that could be for another MUF. This will help prevent corruption of data resulting from using a mismatched database file and MUF.

This DB01410E message is produced when trying to allocate or open a database file, and the error means that the CXXNAME= value (from DBSIDPR) is needed as one of the nodes in the DSN of all database files.

There are two ways to resolve this error:

  1. Rename the application database file so that it contains the CXXNAME value as one of its nodes (recommended); or
  2. Change the value of FORCE_DSN_CXXNAME= to NO and reassemble the DBSIDPR module. Although we don't recommend turning off these data protection features, once you reassemble the DBSIDPR module, you can use your preferred filename. However, the possibility of errors or corrupt data is increased if a wrong database file was connected and opened by this MUF.

Either option is acceptable if you understand the risks associated with turning off this functionality.

Additional Information:

For more information about the DBSIDPR settings, please review the “Modifying DBSIDPR Parameters” section of the documentation on This section is found in the CA Datacom Core – 15.0 webpage by navigating these sections:

Administrating > CA Datacom/DB Database and System Administration > Using the Multi-User Facility > Modifying DBSIDPR Parameters

As always, please contact CA Technologies support for CA Datacom if you have further questions.