How to deactivate self-monitoring alarms

Document ID : KB000010371
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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A Self-Monitoring alarm will trigger when an Automonitor generation failed, Static monitor failed or Data collection failed.


You can disable Self-monitoring alarms by adding enable_self_monitoring_alarm = false under <setup> of the probe in question.

Furthermore, Self-monitoring alarms severity can be set using setup key; self_monitoring_alarm_severity and set it to desired number (5-Critical, 4-Major, 3-Minor, 2-Warning, 1-Informational), Default is 4

By default the probe aggregates self-monitoring alarms based on monitor type. For an example if multiple VMs “VM_CPU.Used" collections failed it will aggregate and only one alarm will be generated. This aggregated alarm will indicate how many failed(e.g. - 2 out of 10 failed).  This can be disabled by setting: enable_self_monitoring_alarm_aggregation = false.  When Disable probe will generate an alarm for each incident.

By default the probe will resend the same failing self-monitoring alarm each probe collection cycle with the same suppression key. This can be disabled by setting "enable_self_monitoring_alarm_same_error_suppression = true" The alarm will only be sent when it occurred under the first occurrence, if the number of errors changed or if the probe is restarted.