How to customize web interface to add a scoreboard node that refreshes every day at 9:00 AM?

Document ID : KB000031360
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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This tech doc displays a feature of the Service Desk Manager timespan trigger design that allows administrators to create timespans that can be triggered at certain time of the day so later on to be used in stored queries to display tickets created after certain time of the day and for that 24 hours period only.

Let us say an administrator would need to add a node to web interface that displays all open incidents created after 9:00 AM and next day at 9:00 AM starts over again. This means this node will display the open incidents from 9:00 AM to next day 9:00 AM every day. These are the steps the administrator can follow:

1. create a timespan called At9AM:

    Start Time:    all as +0
    End time:      all has +0 except :minute=+1
    Trigger time: all has +0 except : Day=+1

    This timespan HAS to be created and saved at 8:59 AM. That is, "Last Modified Date"
    of this timespan HAS to be 8:59 AM(any day/month/year).

    The reason for this is the trigger time is relative to the time the timespan is created.

2. create a stored query:
    type:              Request
    where clause: type=\'I\' AND active=1 AND open_date > EndAtTime(\'At9AM\')

3. customize the scoreboard to add a node using this stored query in step 2

    3.1 log into web interface as Administrator role, then click on Service Desk tab and then File->customize scoreboard...

    3.2 on the scoreboard customization page, choose proper role and node insertion point.

    3.3 on the Add New Node area, enter "After_9_AM" in "Node Label" field and choose the stored query created in

          step 2 in "Node's Stored Query" field and then click on "Add New Node" button.

    3.4 click on "Finished" button to finish and close the scoreboard customization page.

4. monitor the node "After_9_AM" on scoreboard to make it it works the way it is designed.


Note: Only tickets created between 8:59 AM to 9:00 AM will not display in the node. However, even if they displayed they would disappear next minute anyway so for many sites this is not a big deal and this is the best we can do using timespans for this purpose as timespans have "minute" as the smallest calculation unit.