how to create "installuser" db account to replace sa account for installing catalog 14.1

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Some customer sites don’t allow to provide SQL SA  credential during catalog installation.  In the past ,  catalog implementation guide ( 12.8 version and 12.9 version)  provided the information about creating a db user to replace sa account to use  setupUtility GUI  during catalog installation as the following .  


Create the Database User for Setting Up the Database

Follow this procedure only if the following criterion applies: You and the DBA have determined that your organizational policy prohibits a user ID with system administrator (SA) privileges from installing or upgrading CA Service Catalog. Therefore, create a database user with the required privileges to install or upgrade the product but without SA privileges.


Follow these steps:

1. In SQL Server, connect as the sa user to the master database.

2. Verify that your organization did not create the required database user earlier, for example, for a previous installation of CA Service Catalog.

If you did create the user ID earlier, you can use it for this installation or upgrade. In that case, read the remaining steps to confirm the required rights for this user and to verify whether any of the actions apply.

3. Enter the following commands to create the user named installeruser. For the password, replace CHANGE_ME with a custom value, for example, INSTCAT~1.


CREATE USER installuser FOR LOGIN installuser


GRANT ALTER ANY LOGIN to installuser


GRANT EXECUTE on sp_grantdbaccess to installuser

EXECUTE sp_addsrvrolemember installuser, 'bulkadmin'

GRANT EXECUTE on sp_addsrvrolemember to installuser

You have created the installeruser user. Specify the login credentials of this user instead of the sa user when you run the setup utility.



In SM 14.1 documenation, it doesn't provide the similar information anymore about how to create this db  installuser . 


In 14.1 SM ,  it is using common installer  (see attached screenshot )  during the install ,   can we use do the same to create installuser  db account to replace sa account there ? 



Apparently 14.1 common installer requires SA user and it is the recommended way of installing our products. Having said that, customer can still use standalone catalog installer with ‘lesser privileged user’, but few important tables that are needed in an eco system of Catalog-SDM-USS-ITAM will not be populated and that would pose a challenge when customer decides to install other products too (like SDM/ITAM/USS) at a later point in time.