Clarity PPM: How to delete a time reporting period for timesheets

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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How do you change the dates on a time reporting period? 
We created new time reporting periods but the weeks did not line up correctly. The system will not allow the time periods to be deleted and is giving an error.

To change a time reporting period, it must first be deleted and then recreated.

For example, say there is a time period that already exists for 1 day. You want to change this time period to 7 days.

This can be done easily as long as there are no actual hours on timesheets within the defined date range. If there are hours on timesheets within the period, you will need to update the timesheets before deleting the time reporting period.  If the time period was ever in 'Open' status, you may have timesheets that need updating.  If the time period is not currently 'Open' go to Administration, Time Reporting Periods and open the period to use the steps below in both sections.

First, here are steps on how to look for timesheets within a specific 'Open' time period:

Log in as an administrator user with rights to view all timesheets 
Home > Timesheets 
Enter the target time reporting period 'Date Range' and choose Status = 'All', click 'Filter' button 
If the timesheets do not have hours and have not been submitted, approved or posted, you can delete this time period
If you only see 'Open' timesheets with zero (0) hours, you can delete this time period
Go to the section on 'Delete a Time Reporting Period'
If the list of timesheets has hours and timesheets in different status, follow the steps below to update the timesheets
If you have found posted timesheets and still proceed to delete the time periods and the timesheets by running the Delete Investments job, the job will complete as it accepts this deliberate deletion requested via the job. To ensure that the posted hours deleted from the timesheets are also removed from the corresponding project tasks assignments, you must first adjust and post these timesheet hours to ZERO before closing and deleting the time reporting periods. If you do not take care of these hours you may have incorrect data within your projects.

Here is how to update timesheets with hours for a specific 'Open' time period:

Log in as an administrator user with rights to view all timesheets 
Home, Timesheets
Enter the target time reporting period 'Date Range' and choose Status = 'All', click 'Filter' button 
Look at the list of timesheets and edit the ones that have total hours > 0 
If the timesheet has not been posted yet, the Timesheet may be edited, be sure to make the appropriate changes so that there are 0 actuals
Click on any timesheet returned, click 'Adjust', replace hours by 0, save and submit the timesheet, approve it 
Repeat Step 3 until all timesheets with hours are updated (returned, submitted, approved) to zero for this period  
Execute the 'Post Timesheets' job so that all 'approved' timesheets are posted and the hours are removed from the investments
Go to the section on 'Delete a Time Reporting Period'

Delete a Time Reporting Period:
How do you delete a time reporting period?

To 'change' the dates, the time periods have to be deleted first and new time periods can be created with correct dates.  

Prior to Clarity, time reporting periods can be deleted with the Delete Investments job. 

The Delete Investments job will permanently delete investments(projects, programs, applications, assets, products, ideas, services, and other work, and their associated data including investment hierarchy, financial data, tasks, timesheets, documents, and time periods) that are marked for deletion, inactive, financial status closed. 

To run the job, a user/group must have the right(Investment - Delete). 

Time periods must be closed and marked for deletion. 
The job does not allow the purging of timesheets that are SUBMITTED, APPROVED, or POSTED.
Only timesheets with status OPEN or RETURNED can be deleted. 

After checking and updating Timesheets, using the following steps, delete and recreate a time period:

Go to Administration >  Project Management > Time Reporting Periods 
'Close' the Time Reporting Period  
Select / Check mark the Time Reporting Period identified to be deleted  
Click 'Mark for Deletion' button  
Execute the 'Delete Investments' job 
Go to Administration > Project Management > Time Reporting Period

You can now create a new time period that has the correct dates 

Additional Information:

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