How to create diagnostic data in Spectrum

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Last Modified Date : 12/03/2019
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When you open a call ticket with Support it is recommended if you can send along diagnostic data of the affected Spectrum machine(s). The script under $SPECROOT/bin/support directory is a script used to gather information about your Spectrum environment. The collected data is written to a file that can conveniently be sent to CA Support. The following lists some of the data that is included:

  1. host information
  2. configuration files
  3. installation logs
  4. SpectroSERVER logs
  5. Tomcat logs

How to use the script to collect diagnostic data on Spectrum machine?

Spectrum 9.4 or later on all platforms

Please log as 'spectrum' install owner user into affected SpectroSERVER or OneClick Server machine, launch a bash login shell, go to Spectrum install directory and run the following

./bin/support/ lite

Notice that you should run the command under Spectrum install directory. You may be prompted 'spectrum' install owner user password. Please key in the password correctly.

This script will generate diagnostic log file with the following name under the same directory

Please collect the file and attach to Support's call ticket.

If it is an installation problem, please change the command parameter to 'full'

Additional Information:

You can use the following parameters on the command:

  • full - The complete set of environment data, including all of the Install-Tools/LOGS directory, is collected. The command without any parameters defaults to this option. The output file created can be large.
  • lite - A subset of environment data, including selected files from the Install-Tools/LOGS directory, is collected.
  • mini - Only the minimum environment data is collected.