How to Create an Access Type In Service Desk

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Last Modified Date : 03/05/2018
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Access types define how contacts are authenticated when they log in to the web interface, whether the contacts can modify web forms or the database schema using Web Screen Painter, and which roles are available for the contacts.

You can modify the predefined access types and create new ones.

The access types define all aspects of security. Several predefined access types are included, and you can modify them or can define new ones. Each access type for a user controls the following aspects of system behavior:
  • How CA SDM performs the web authentication when the user logs in.
  • The access level for the user.
  • Whether the user can modify web forms or the database schema using Web Screen Painter.
  • What are the roles available to the user.

Follow these steps:

  1. Select Security and Role Management, Access Types on the Administration tab.
    The Access Type List page opens.
    Default: 15
  2. Click Create New and complete the access type fields, as appropriate, on the Create New Access Type page.
  3. Use the tabs to complete the following tasks:
    • Configure Web Authentication for an Access Type
    • Assign Web Screen Painter Permissions to an Access Type
    • Assign Roles to an Access Type
  4. Click Save.
    The access type is created.
Additional Information:

Access Type Fields

The following fields appear on the Create Access Type, Access Type Detail, and Update Access Type pages.

  • Symbol
    Specifies a unique identifier for the access type.
  • Default?
    Indicates whether this access type is the default that is associated with contacts.
  • Record Status
    Specifies whether this access type is Active or Inactive.
  • Description
    Describes the access type. Use this field to help identify the characteristics of the access type.
  • Receive Internal Notification
    Determines whether the contacts associated with the access type receive internal notification of activities that are related to tickets.
  • Access Level
    Determines which access types a user can grant to another user. A user can assign an access typeto the contact record of another user only if the access level of the access type they are attempting to assign is ranked the same as or lower than thegrant level for their own access type. The levels are ranked as follows:
    • Admin (highest)
    • Analyst
    • Cust/Emp
    • None (lowest)

    Determines whether this contact is a licensed access type. Contacts assigned to unlicensed access types can only view or update their own personal data.