How to create a watch to trigger an alarm base on Condition

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Last Modified Date : 11/06/2018
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When customer received Suppressed alarms after the VNM Model loses connections to a remote site, the customer wants a critical or Major alarm to be asserted.
How to create a watch to trigger an alarm base on Condition?
CA Spectrum 10.2.X
1. Login to CA Spectrum Oneclick Console

2. Click on the model Where you want the alarm to be asserted.

3. Select Create a new Watch and enter the attribute condition

create watch

4. Click on Properties and select the evaluation base on the documentation Example:
  • Active By Default
    Specifies whether the watch is active by default for all models that inherit the watch. If this option is not set, activate the watch manually for the desired models.

    Important! Setting Active By Default for a polled watch can adversely affect SpectroSERVER performance.
  • Evaluate On Demand
    Evaluates the watch expression only when the watch attribute is read.
  • Evaluate On Change
    Evaluates the watch expression if any attribute in the watch expression changes. The attributes must have either the Memory or Database flag set.
  • Evaluate By Polling
    Evaluates the watch after each poll interval.
  • Poll Interval
    Specifies the polling frequency in seconds. This field is enabled only if you select Evaluate By Polling.

    Note: A watch does not become active if the poll interval is set to 0.
  • Create watch on model type model type
    Specifies the model type where the watch is created. Click Browse to select a different parent model type.

    Note: The watch is created on the model type of the selected model by default. However, you can select a different parent model type for the watch to let other derived model types inherit the watch.
5. Click on Threshold and Select the condition Value base on the alarm condition for example:
As the alarm condition is being suppressed and it is representing Value 5 we generate alarm severity critical, This will trigger a second alarm critical every time this model trigger a condition on alarms suppressed for that RTR_Cisco model type.
Additional Information:

Note:  it is not recommended nor supported to modify the out of the box events and alarming for fault isolation.

Reference: "Spectrum Fault Isolation not suppressing or asserting alarms as expected" located at