How to create a VS with GET WSDL transaction?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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This article will provide information on creating a VS with WSDL loading transaction (GET WSDL).


When creating a VS using "From WSDL" option, it will create transactions for all the WSDL operations but doesn't create a transaction for loading a WSDL (GET WSDL).



All supported DevTest releases.

VS can be created with WSDL loading transaction in different ways.

1. Using WSDL in a test case.

. In DevTest Workstation, go to the Quick Start Panel-->Create Web Service Test and add the http://localhost:8080/itko-examples/services/SignedCalculatorService?wsdl in WSDL URL field. This will show the operations "add" and "subtract".


. Click on the "green" arrow at the bottom right corner and that will create a test case with WSDL Loading step and also Web Service Execution steps for "add" and "subtract operations as below.


. Open the first step "WSDL Validation for CalculatorService" step. This is the one which loads the WSDL file. See the below screenshot. Host name is "localhost" and Port is 8080 (can use LIVE WSDL host name and Port).


. Start the VSE Recorder and give some name for VSI, VSM and select transport protocol as "HTTP/S" as below and click Next.


. Configure the Listen Port as 8991 or some other number, Target Host as localhost or live WSDL hostname, Target Port as 8080 or live WSDL port and click Next.


. Now go to the "WSDL Validation for CalculatorService" step in the test case and change the hostname and the port to point to the recorder as below and click on "Load". WSDL should be loaded and transaction should be shown in the VSE recorder.



. Continue the recording with default information and open the VSI. It should show the GET /itko-examples/services/SignedCalculatorService/ transaction as below.



2. Using WSDL in a Web Browser.

. Open any browser and verify that WSDL can be loaded without any issue. For example, try the http://localhost:8080/itko-examples/services/SignedCalculatorService?wsdl in Google Chrome.

. Start the VSE recorder and configure it the same way as test case and wait for the transactions.

. Change the URL in the Browser to http://localhost:8991/itko-examples/services/SignedCalculatorService?wsdl and hit enter. The recorder should capture the transaction.

. Continue the recording with default values and finish it.

. Open the created VSI and it should show the GET /itko-examples/services/SignedCalculatorService/ transaction.


Additional Information:

We used example WSDL file http://localhost:8080/itko-examples/services/SignedCalculatorService?wsdl which is available in DevTest DemoServer.

Start the Demo Server from DevTest_HOME/DemoServer/lisa-demo-server/start-windows.bat.