How to create a transformation rule for a function using a multi list seed data on the transformation map screen on GTDatmaker

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Last Modified Date : 01/11/2018
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When using the transformation map screen of GTDatamaker to create the transformation csv file (which is then exported from GTDatamaker as a csv-sdm for Fast Data Masker to use )  containing any lov function like HASHLOV or RANDLOV  that uses a multi list seed data, the exported csv file could be corrupted. This following sections will show using an example of such an use case and the corrective measures that one needs to take to make sure that the exported file is without error.
GTDatamaker : Transformation map screen
Expected output: The exported file from the transformation map screen when selecting "csv-sdm" as the export option is as follows.
TableColumnFunctionParm1Parm2Parm3Parm4KeepnullsDateformatCross ReferenceOverride_SQLUnique_ColumnsXpath ElementSubstr StartSubstr LengthNotesPreformat
EmployeeCityHASHLOV 1  Y         
EmployeeStateHASHLOV 2  Y         

Steps to achieve this:
1. Go to Transformation map screen page of GTDatamaker
2. Select the transformation file from the drop down if it already exists else click on the the plus button to create one.
3. If you are creating a new file, then choose SDM as the DB type
4. Select the table (Employee in this case) from the left hand side.
5. Click on the arrow button under the functions column for city and state columns.
6. Choose "HASHLOV ","US City State Zip County" for both.
7. Enter 1 for city and 2 for State in the ListCol# column. 
8. Click on the save button and then export the file to csv-sdm.

When you open the file the result is as follows.
TableColumnFunctionParm1Parm2Parm3Parm4KeepnullsDateformatCross referenceOverride_SQLUnique_ColumnsXpath ElementSubstr StartSubstr Length NotesPreformat
EmployeeCity 1US City State Zip County  Y         
EmployeeState 2US City State Zip County  Y         

As you can see, the exported file is not as the expected outcome. 

In step number 6 when you are writing or selecting your function for HASHLOV against the multi list seed file, make sure that you write the function as follows.

'HASHLOV','US City State Zip County',1 for the column city and 'HASHLOV','US City State Zip County',2 for the state.

See screenshot below. 
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