How to create a TestCaseStep via WS API

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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This article shows how to create a TestCaseStep using a browser REST client


Please see?WS API request examples using curl and browser REST client?? for details on authentication and scoping of WS API requests.


Payload example:


Here is a screenshot from Chrome's Advanced REST Client:

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If the testcase reference /testcase/123 is invalid, not accessible to the user who authenticates the request, or the request is scoped incorrectly this error will be returned: "Could not read: Could not read referenced object null"

Note that the max length of ExpectedResult is shown in WS API document.

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To illustrate the limit, a random text of 2048 characters is generated:
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and the text is used to set ExpectedResult value in the payload. Since this is the second Steps of the same TestCase, stepindex value is also incremented:

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Here is a screenshot of the response in the REST client:

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We confirm in the UI that both steps were successfully created:

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Next, the text length is increased by a single character to demonstrate the error:

"CreateResult": {
"_rallyAPIMajor": "2"
"_rallyAPIMinor": "0"
"Errors": [1]
0:? "Validation error: TestCase.steps[3].expectedResult length is greater than the maximum length of 2048"
"Warnings": [0]

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