How to create a report using Reporter that shows software information gathered by heuristic scan

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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1)  Open DSM Reporter


2)  Right click 'New Report Template' 

                                    1-16-2015 4-08-07 PM.png

3)  Select 'Asset or User Report'

                                    3-24-2015 3-46-41 PM.png

5)  In the following window name the report and give it a description

                                    3-24-2015 3-50-21 PM.png

6)  Hit the 'Add' button at the bottom of the Window


7)  On the left side of the new popup select 'Software'

                                    3-24-2015 3-52-31 PM.png

8)  At the top of the window select the 'Heuristic' tab


9)  The list now shown will contain a portion of the software that has been discovered through heuristic scans

                                    3-24-2015 4-03-37 PM.png

10)   If you see the piece of software you are looking for then select it. It is possible that some software will not be on the list even though there is heuristic data for

        them. If that is the case select 'All' then 'All Detected' in the sub section select what information the report will search for.


11)  If 'All Detected' was selected then you will be able to hit the check box at the bottom of the window.

       Once the box is selected you can use the search bar to search for the information. You can also use '%' as a wildcard character.

                                     3-27-2015 3-22-46 PM.png


12)  Click the 'Add' button beneath the search bar.


13)  More search parameters can be added as needed, when finished hit okay. The parameters can be seen in the window.

                                    3-24-2015 4-42-54 PM.png


14)  Running the report above will show all software installed on machines that has the phrase 'Microsoft' in the title.

       This is an Example of what the Report might look like:

 3-25-2015 4-34-04 PM.png