How to create a new value for a custom dropdown field using WSAPI in CA Agile Central?

Document ID : KB000010284
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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This example shows how to input a new value for a custom dropdown list that can be either a multi-select or single dropdown, via WSAP


1. Find the TypeDefinition OID for the Object type in question. The below example is for a Defect.<WorkspaceOID>&query=( Name = "Defect" )&fetch=true&start=1&pagesize=79

2. Get the _ref value for that typedefinition: <TypeDef OID>/Attributes?&pagesize=76

3. Find the Custom Value field by Element Name and then find the _ref to the allowedValues which gives you the OID of the AttributeDefinition.<Attribute OID>/AllowedValues

NOTE: If you were to run the above GET request, it will give you the current allowed values.

4. Use the above information to create a POST request to make a new AllowedAttributeValue, example payload:




        "AttributeDefinition": "<Attribute OID>”, 

        "StringValue": "SeanPDavis”, 

        "ValueIndex": "6”