How to create a drop down list in a form that reads data from a database field?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Building a CA PAM Interaction Request Form with a drop down list populated from a database field.


The Interaction Request Form contains two variables. Values and LastName.

Figure 1

Values is a hidden parameter that will be populated by the process with the database values.

Figure 2

LastName is the parameter that will read from the Values parameter and present that in this form as a drop down. It uses the expression field to refer to the Values parameter.

Figure 3

The process looks like this:

Figure 4

The properties of the Select_Operator are shown below. The expression is in double quotes and just does a select of the last_name field from a contact table.

Figure 5

On the Execution Settings tab of the Select Operator properties, the Post Execution will populate the process dataset variable, LastNames, with the values that are read from the database.

Figure 6

Figure 7

On the User Interaction Form Operator Properties, select the Assignee(s) that we are presenting the drop down list to on the Assingees tab.

On the User Prompt tab, select the Interaction Request Form that was created above.

Figure 8

Select the Form data initialization code button and enter the following to pass the Process LastNames values to the Form's Values parameter.

Figure 9

Now save and check in the process and run it. The assignee will see the following on their task list in the management console:

Figure 10

Select Reply and see the following:

Figure 11