How to count the number of devices in eHealth

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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This document will explain how to a get a total device count of what's in your eHealth configuration.


Often is the case where your element configuration exceeds the total supported configuration for your OS flavor. Or you simply need a nicely formatted output of all your devices currently in eHealth.


Download and extract this file to your eHealth system while logged in as the $NH_USER: eHealth Device


The script is run with no arguments. It will output to stdout comma separated output suitable for importing into excel. There is a single header row specifying the column names, and each row after that represents a device. For each device, the device key, name, sysName, ip address, number of ports/interfaces, and whether the device uses QoS. Only devices that have at least one unretired and polling enabled element are emitted. When counting interfaces for a device, only interfaces that are polling enabled and unretired are counted.

Usage / Examples Options:


  1. Output to STDOUT:

    $   ./

  2. To get a quick device count, you can just run it this way:

    $ ./ |wc -l

  3. To redirect to a file for import into excel:

    ./ >deviceCount.csv
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