How to correctly export NCM configuration after changing SpectroSERVER time?

Document ID : KB000093055
Last Modified Date : 26/04/2018
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When you will need to change the time of SpectroSERVER to a future time, after you make this change, you run a NCM backup job and also export the NCM configuration file to the directory.

After you change the time of SpectroSERVER to the current time, you run a NCM backup job again, you will find on the OneClick console, NCM job has successfully captured the new change in the device running configure. However, on the new NCM configuration file the running config still remains the same as the one captured during the period when you change the time of SpectroSERVER to a future time, even when the time stamp of the file has been updated.
Spectrum 9.x; 10.x
1. Go to Locater --> Application-->create a new search which is "Model Type Name Contains "HostConfiguration"".
2. Delete all HostConfiguration models created at the future time that once SpectroSERVER changed to.
3. Move all the Host Configuration files on directory to a different folder.
4. Now run the NCM backup, and you could see the current running config has been correctly saved in the new Host Configuration file.