How to correct ORA000704 and ORA-39700 errors

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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After a fresh installation of eHealth 6.3.2.x, there was an error creating the Oracle database OR attemping to load a normal (binary) database backup fails. In either case the following two errors are displayed:

ORA-00704: Bootstrap process failure
ORA-39700: database must be opened with UPGRADE option


Before going through these steps, make sure eHealth and the two eHealth web processes are all stopped.

  1. Take note of the value of NH_ORACLE_HOME and NH_DB_CONNECT_STRING

    env | grep NH_ORACLE_HOME
    env | grep NH_DB_CONNECT_STRING

  2. Start sqlplus as the sysdba

    sqlplus "sys/ehealth@<NH_DB_CONNECT_STRING> as sysdba"

    where <NH_DB_CONNECT_STRING> is the actual value of that variable

  3. Confirm the database is shutdown

    shutdown abort

  4. Start the database in upgrade mode

    startup upgrade

  5. Run the update script. This will take a long time to complete, so be patient.


    Replace <NH_ORACLE_HOME> with its actual value.

  6. The previous script will shutdown the database and exit sqlplus, so you'll need to start sqlplus again, start the database in upgrade mode, and then run a confirmation script.

    sqlplus "sys/ehealth@<NH_DB_CONNECT_STRING> as sysdba"
    startup upgrade

    Again, replace <NH_DB_CONNECT_STRING> and <NH_ORACLE_HOME> with their actual values.

  7. Shutdown the database and exit from sqlplus

    shutdown immediate

  8. Start the database from command line


  9. Confirm that eHealth can be started successfully

    nhServer start

  10. If eHealth started without errors, you can stop it again and then begin restoring the database from backup.