How to Copy Authorities (all) from one Auth ID to another Auth ID

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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In RC/Secure how can authorities be copied from 1 Authid to another Authid?


In RC/Secure:

  •  Go to Option 2: GRS  Standard Grant/Revoke Services.  
  •  Specify '2' for Copy.
  •  On the subsequent screen (below) enter the FROM and TO Authid.

RSCOPY  18.0   -------- RC/S GRS Copy Authorizations -------  2016/11/01 10:01

 Command ==>

                                                                                                    SYSID: DB0G

                                                                                                    SQLID: USER01

  COPY FROM AUTHID => USER01    > SSID => DB0G  LOCATION => LOCAL            >

  GRANT TO  AUTHID => USER02    > SSID => DB0G  LOCATION => LOCAL             >

         Object Type:  *

         Object Name: *                   > Object Qualifier: *         >


          Detail of authorizations  => Y   ( Y: Yes, N: No ) 


  • An '*' in the Object Name or Qualifier will copy ALL authorizations for all objects of the type chosen for the 'FROM' authid.
  • To wildcard those fields use a '%', example EMP%.
  • Detail of Authorizations:    Indicate whether you would like to review the list of authorities to be granted before GRS issues the GRANTS and REVOKES.