How to copy AS400 log files from IFS file system to Windows

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Last Modified Date : 21/02/2019
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It can be hard or problematic using the iSeries log view tools to capture all of the logs needed for support.
This can involve a lot of copy screen shots to get all of the needed information.
Below are easier steps to follow to be able to capture these files.
Step 1:
Shut down the nimbus subsystem.
Please remember to provide a 120 second wait time.

Step 2:
Copy the log file to an ASCII / TEXT format.
Below is a sample of the command for the sysstat probe logs:

CPY OBJ('/Nimbus_Software/nimBUS/probes.sysstat/sysstat.log') +
TOOBJ('/home/<username>/') +

<username> is the logged in user home directory.

Step 3:
Use the iSeries Navigator to copy the file from /home/<username>/ to your local machine.

Step 4:
Test by opening the file in notepad. The file should be readable.

Step 5:
Attach the file to the case for support to review.

The process above can be used for the .cfg file as well.