How to copy a FORMAT that another user created

Document ID : KB000032427
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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If one user wants to use another user's format for a display, they can use the COPY subcommand from the Profile Formats display.

Let's say that a user wants to copy and use another user's format on the CTASKS display.

The user that wants the format contained in another user's profile would do the following in SYSVIEW:

2. Select the Formats section 
3. Select the CTASKS screen 
4. They will then be on the Profile Formats display. 

From here, enter COPY formatname,newformatname,profilename 
where formatname is the name of the format they want to copy, 
newformatname is the name they want to use for the format in their profile, 
and profilename is the user ID of the user that currently has the format. For a user, the profile name is the user's user ID. 


For example, if user USERA has a format called FORMATA and you want to use that format but want to call it FORMATB, you would enter COPY FORMATA,FORMATB,USERA.

If you wanted to keep the same format name, you would enter COPY FORMATA,FORMATA,USERA.