How to convert simple tablespaces in the CA Database Management Solutions for DB2 for z/OS database PTDB to a supported tablespace type.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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DB2 tablespaces created within the CA DB2 tools database (default PTDB) from many releases in the past may have been created as simple which is no longer a  preferred tablespace type.  The IBM DB2 Report 11 may flag tablespaces within the CA DB2 tools database with the following message:

= Each table space listed below is a simple table space, meaning that =
= it is neither partitioned nor segmented. Although DB2 V11 can use =
= existing simple table spaces and allows you to alter data, update =
= data, or retrieve data from them, it does not allow you to create =
= them. If you accidentally drop a simple table space in V11, you =
= will be unable to recreate it. Therefore, before migrating to V11, =
= convert each table space listed below to a preferred type of table =
= space



Starting with the CA Database Management Solutions for DB2 for z/OS r18 release, a new compare option (TS_SEGSIZE_RULE Y) may be manually specified in the ssid0000 Post Install Compare JCL within the COMPRT and DDLCOMP steps as follows:


The TS_SEGSIZE_RULE Y inclusion will honor the tablespace Compare SEGSIZE rule and convert any simple tablespaces to the defined tablespaces type within the DDL.  Manually add the TS_SEGSIZE_RULE Y to the //APRMFILE DD for both the COMPRT and DDLCOMP steps.  Execute the ssid0000 and ssid0001 Post Install jobs to convert the simple tablespaces.  We recommend executing a RUNSTATS against the PTDB objects before executing the ssid0000 job to ensure that the compare process can appropriately size the output datasets. 

The CA Batch Processor tablespace PTDB.PTITSBP2 / table PTI.BPLOG_0203 must be manually converted with an ALTER TABLESPACE dbname.tsname MAXPARTITIONS 1; followed by an IBM Reorg to convert to Partition By Growth.