How to control which repository the CAIPRINT dump output is written to at dump capture time?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Can the CA Optimizer/II or CA Symdump Batch exit CAOCUPRT be used to determine which repository to write the CAIPRINT dump too based on the Job account code?   


Starting with release 8.5 fix RO35462 for products CA Optimizer/II and CA SymDump Batch the Job account code is now available to exit CAOCUPRT.

The user exit CAOCUPRT allows the CAIPRINT repository to be determined based upon user-specified criteria (such as  user id or job name). The user exit receives control if the CAIPRTLB DD is not specified in the JCL.

The change is reflected by new field PRTACCT in member  HLQ.CARXJCL(CAOCUPRT). 

Note: This change will be transparent to customers currently using CAOCUPRT.

You do not need to reassemble CAOCUPRT and will experience no change in the behavior of this program.

The layout below is located in member HLQ.CARXJCL(CAOCUPRT). 


PRTJOB   DS    CL8                 JOB NAME                        

PRTSTEP  DS    CL8                 STEP NAME                       

PRTUSRID DS    CL8                 USERID                          

PRTTIME  DS    CL8                 TIME OF REPORT (00HHMMSS)       

PRTDATE  DS    CL8                 DATE OF REPORT (YYYYMMDD)       

PRTPGMID DS    CL8                 PROGRAM ID                      


*                                  FORMAT SXXX, UNNNN OR MMMNNNN)  

PRTDSN   DS    CL44                PRTLIB DATA SET NAME            

PRTACCT  DS    CL25                ACCOUNT CODE (IF AVAILABLE)