How to Confirm that the CA-ACF2 startup parameter ENQDSN is active?

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Last Modified Date : 24/10/2018
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How to confirm that the ACF2 startup parameter ENQDSN is
actuually changing the Database DDNAME to the Database Dataset name in
the enq parameter list.
The SHOW SYS output from the ACF command will show the following in the
"OTHER" section.

 NOTIFY=YES               CURRENT SYSID=DE28       STARTUP SYSID=DE28     
 BUILT ACCVT=DE28         ENQ-DSN=YES              ENQ-CONFLICT=NO       

The following technique can be used to verify that ENQDSN is being used to
ENQ on the database dataset name and not the database DDNAME.      
- Set the following SLIP:                                                    
  SL SET,IF,ID=...,L=(ACF00SVA,offset),J=jobname,ACTION=SYNCSVCD,END                   
  note 1: offset is the offset of CSECT ACF00ENQ+28A in LPA lmod ACF00SVA    
          this offset can be obtained for an AMBLIST of ACF2 CAX1LINK load     
          module ACF00SVA.                                                   
Using IPCS command SYSTRACE on the SVC dump that is produced will find
a trace entry similar to this near the end of the SYSTRACE output.

0000 007D 009F84E8  SVC     38 00000000_13754FCA  00CF9980 009D15E0 7F604ECC
                               47040000 80000000                            

note: the SVC number 38 is the record for ENQ
The last word on the first line is the address of the ENQ parameter list.

7F604ECC                                    40085000   |              .&. | 
7F604ED0   13755150   00D0A780   C02CD800   00FB08E0   | ...&.}x.{.Q....\ | 
7F604EE0   13649F90   00000000   00000000   00000000   | ................ | 

At offset x'14' is the ENQ Major Name   this should be - ACFVSAM

00FB08E0   C1C3C6E5   E2C1D440   40404040   40404040   | ACFVSAM          |

At Offset x'18' is the ENQ Minor name - that should be the dataset
name of database - and not the DDNAME
For example:

13649F90  C1C3C6F2   4BD7D9D6   C44BD9E4   D3C5E240   | ACF2.PROD.RULES |