How to configure the CA InterTest for CICS segmented monitoring feature? This debugging option can be used to bypass automatic breakpoints(ABP) and monitor Hogan applications.

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Last Modified Date : 18/10/2018
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The segmented monitoring option is set to off by default. You can enable it with or without CNTL menu support, and with or without password protection.

Segmented monitoring should be used sparingly for special debugging needs, such as when only certain pieces of code should be monitored because of excessive overhead or to bypass automatic breakpoints that are generated when debugging an application program.

Important! Improper use of segmented monitoring options could damage your CICS system because CA InterTest for CICS places invalid machine instructions in application programs at the segmented monitoring locations specified by the user. Additional details are provided in the user guide.

The most common way to set a segmented monitoring breakpoint is through the LIST facility.

To set a location for a MON option in your source listing, enter a plus sign, +, to the left of the statement in your listing where you want monitoring to begin, and press Enter.

Likewise, to set a location for a NOM option, enter a minus sign, -, to the left of the statement in your listing where you want monitoring to stop, and press Enter. If a password is required, enter the password at the prompt.

Segmented monitoring is recommended for debugging Hogan applications.


To check the status of the segmented monitoring option on your system enter the VRPT transaction from a clear screen in CICS and press ENTER Next select 2 Global Options - Display Installation Options. This option displays the CA Intertest for CICS options module called IN25OPTS. If you want to customize CA Intertest CICS you must change the IN25OPTS options.

The current IN25OPTS values are displayed alphabetically. Look for the option MONOM.

The following are MONOM values:

     MENU - Segmented monitoring is enabled for all methods: Source Listing, CNTL menus, and CNTL commands.
 - Segmented monitoring is enabled for Source Listing and CNTL command methods only.
 - Segmented monitoring is disabled.

The MONOMSEC keyword option tells you if a password is required.

If MONOMSEC=YES, you need the password to set MON or NOM using any method.

Changing the IN25OPTS configuration parameters is outlined in the Installation guide.

Once you change the desired option you will need to assemble and relink the IN25OPTS load module.
Below is JCL that was used to reassemble the IN25OPTS options modules for CA Intertest CICS release 10.

//             REGION=1024K,
//SYSUT1   DD  DSN=&SYSUT1,SPACE=(1024,(120,120),,,ROUND),UNIT=VIO,
//             DCB=BUFNO=1
//SYSLIN   DD  DSN=&OBJ,SPACE=(3040,(40,40),,,ROUND),UNIT=VIO,
//             DISP=(MOD,PASS),
//             DCB=(BLKSIZE=3040,LRECL=80,RECFM=FBS,BUFNO=1)
//SYSIN    DD  *
         IN25OPTS TYPE=CSECT,                                          X
//             REGION=512K,
//             PARM='LIST,LET,XREF,MAP'
//         DD  DDNAME=SYSIN
//SYSUT1   DD  DSN=&SYSUT1,SPACE=(1024,(120,120),,,ROUND),UNIT=VIO,
//             DCB=BUFNO=1
//SYSIN   DD  *
      NAME  IN25OPTS(R)

The IN25OPTS options load module is shipped by default in the load library HLQ.CAVHLOAD and shown above in the SYSLMOD.

If CICS is active CA InterTest for CICS has to be stopped and restarted for any new options to take effect. The installation guide outlines these steps. See Topic

Refresh IN25OPTS Options

If you have already installed and configured the product, you can follow this procedure to change the existing IN25OPTS options. Create a new copy of the IN25OPTS load module, and then take the following steps to refresh the options.

Follow these steps:

Terminate CA InterTest for CICS and SymDump for CICS.

Update the IN25OPTS load module that contains the modified options with a batch assemble-and-linkedit job.

Run the following commands.



Notes: Replace ## with your two-digit CICS release number (66 for CICS 4.1, 67 for CICS 4.2, 68 for CICS 5.1, 69 for CICS 5.2 , 70 for CICS 5.3 and 71 for CICS 5.4).
Ignore any failures of IN##HOOK and IN25INIT to newcopy.

Restart CA InterTest for CICS. You can also use the VRPT transaction to verify that the option has changed.