How to Configure the CA Access Gateway Proxyui

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Last Modified Date : 13/12/2018
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Inorder to use the CA Access Gateway Proxui  Users will have to be configured on policy server to allow access.

How to Configure the CA Access Gateway Proxyui


  1. Policy Server: r… --….  (Please substitute you server name)

  1. SPS Server: r….-…..   (Please substitute you server name)





Inorder to use the CA Access Gateway Proxui  Users will have to be configured on policy server to allow access. The following Steps will configure the users to login using the CA Access Gateway



  1. Login to your policy server i.e r…..-……. (Please substitute you server name)


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  1. Next open adminUI "http://localhost:8080/iam/siteminder/console"


Machine generated alternative text: CA Single Sign-on  Sign in  Username  Password  Sen.'er  localhost  Sign In


  1. Login with the admin account i.e siteminder\siteminder (this may be different on different environments) once connected expand the folder "policies -> domain -> domains"



  1. Confirm that the SPSAdmin for the server where the SPS was installed is listed:



  1. Click on edit to open it for editing.



  1. Click on "modify" button and then click on "add/remove" button under "user directories" section:



  1. From the choose your directory section select the directory configured and move it from "available members" to "selected members and then click on "ok"  



  1. Confirm that the directory was updated in the user directories section:



  1. Next click on policies -> domain -> domain policies and select the domain for your SPS from the list



  1. Click on edit



  1. Click on the "users" tab



  1. Click on "add members" button



  1. From the next page add the members you want to grant access too or grant access to all users.




  1. Click on "submit" and confirm that the task was successfully completed.



  1. Next clear the cache



  1. Next login to your SPS server i.e r…..- ……. (Please substitute you server name)


Bin  a  Google  Notepad"  HostName:  ONS server:  p Address:  E version:  Free Space :  Machine Domain:  Memory:  OS Version:  Service Pack:  Snapshot Time:  User Name:  RIZSW.T19359  41202205.741 .2022ff  10242.85249  110±600.19180  C18003GBNTFS  G3NTFS  WORKGROUP  8192 MB  Windows 2012R2  No service pack  Administrator  sps Release: 1282 spl  NOTE: Please refer to the "sps.install and  configuration.txt" file on desktop for details of  SPS install and configuration.


  1. Click on "ACCESS GATEWAY ADMIN CONSOLE" icon to open the adminUI page


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  1. Login with a username and password which from the directory that was added. (this user creadentials will be different based on customer or others users directory configuration and users defined)


CA Access Gateway  Sign in  userl  Pass«d  Sign in


  1. Once the login is successful your landing page should look similar to the following




This completes the configuration of SPS AdminUI