How To Configure Templates for WAAE Email Notifications

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Last Modified Date : 12/03/2018
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You can now send an email notification using the email notification template that you specified in the notification_template attribute when a job fails, terminates, or completes successfully or when an alarm is raised.

CA Workload Automation AE r11.3.6 SP7
CA Workload Control Center r11.4 SP6
1. Enable the NotifyMethod and set the SMTP Host information in your $AUTOUSER/config.$AUTOSERV (%AUTOUSER%\config.%AUTOSERV%) file. These instructions can be found here.

2. Navigate to the $AUTOSYS/install/email_templates (%AUTOSYS%\install\email_templates) directory.

3. Make a copy of the sample_template

4. Edit the copied template and customize as desired - then save the file:
  • Each template has a header: [SUCCESS], [FAILURE], [TERMINATED], [ALARM]
5. Insert the email template file into the AEDB using the insert_glob command:
    insert_glob: test_email_temp
    blob_mode: text
    blob_type: emailtemplate
    blob_file: "C:\Program Files (x86)\CA\Workload Automation AE\autosys\install\email_templates\custom_template"

6. When you create your job, specify the email template name (test_email_temp):
    /* -----------------email_notify_template -----------------*/
    insert_job: email_notify_template job_type: CMD
    command: dir
    owner: Administrator@win-1136sp7
    date_conditions: 0
    std_out_file: "C:\Temp\email_notify_template.out"
    std_err_file: "C:\Temp\email_notify_template.err"
    alarm_if_fail: 1
    alarm_if_terminated: 1
    send_notification: 1
    notification_template: "test_email_temp"
Additional Information:
For additional information about email notifications, see the notification_template attribute.
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