How to configure SystemEDGE to monitor the size of a directory

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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How to create a monitor using VAIM or SystemEDGE, to observe directory size, and to trap when a certain size is breached.




Create a Directory Monitor in VAIM

1.      Create a Log File Monitor pointing to the directory. 

Monitors > Logfile

Monitor Type: Directory Monitoring

Log File/ Directory Name: C:\logs (replace with your directory)

Search Filter: .*  (wildcard)

Optional Settings: Do not send any trap, Do not log any traps, No not-ready trap.


2.   Create a Threshold Monitor pointing to the directory. 

Monitors > Threshold

Object Class: logMonitorEntry

Object Attribute: logMonitorLogFileSize [Size of file/ directory]

Object Instance: C:\logs (replace with your directory)

Threshold Configuration: Value will be size in bytes.



Create a Directory Monitor within SystemEDGE:

  1.  Navigate and open the located in the port# folder.
  2.  Create the following Monitors: (Follow Syntax in Additional Information)
    watch logfile 11 0x84a C:\logs .* '' '' 1 none
    monitor logMonitorEntry C:\logs logMonitorLogFileSize 12 0x0 60 absolute >= 3000000 '' '' logMonitorEntry C:\logs logMonitorLogFileSize major
  3.  Save File
  4.  Restart SystemEDGE

Additional Information:
watch logfile monitor template example:
#watch logfile <index> <flags> '<file>' '<regexpr>' ['<descr>' ['<action>' [<interval> [<severity>]]]]

logMonitorLogFileSize Syntax: (The example above is trapping when the file equals or is above 3000000 bytes)
#monitor <table> '<inst>' <attr> <index> <flags> <interval> <stype>[/<scale>] <oper> <thresh> ['<descr>' ['<action>' ['<objClass>' '<objInst>' '<objAttr>' <severity>]]]