How to configure NCM task approval with Service desk to work properly.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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This solution describes how to configure NCM task approval process, if the Approver in Oneclick is defined as Service Desk user.


Spectrum and Service Desk Manager communicate through Web Services for NCM task approvals. Check the following steps mentioned in this solution to get the task approved in Oneclick Console.

1. On Service Desk side, make sure you create a new “Change Order template” (Object Type is Change Order)and then add a new “Error Type” using the created Change Order template to the existing Spectrum Web Service policy. E.g. below figure shows we have created Change Order template named NCM_CHANGE_ORDER.


We add a new Error Type using NCM_CHANGE_ORDER Ticket Template Name to existing SPECTRUM_POLICY Web Service Policy.


2. Make sure the "Update Status" activity Notification is configured properly as per "CA Spectrum CA Service Desk Integration Guide, Chapter3: Using NCM with CA Serivice Desk Manager, Enable support for NCM configuration changes" section and make sure a relevant notification rule and message template is assigned to this notification in Service Desk.





3. User creating the NCM upload task in Spectrum should not be a NCM Task Approver. NCM Upload tasks created by the Task Approvers in Oneclick will not be prompted Approval Required dialog, thus change order ticket won't be created in Service desk.

4. We then configure usingOneclick Console below settings for different states of the Error Type

Oneclick -> Configuration manager > Information tab -> Workflow ->Click Configure -> select the NCM error type -> Configure the value like this

Error Type ---> <Choose Change Order Error Type Symbol Name, e.g. NCM Approval WF>

Approved Status ---> Approved

Denied Status ----> Closed

Canceled Status ---> Cancelled

Awaiting Approval Status -> Approval in progress

5. Select the approver as Service Desk


6. Now when you create the NCM task in Oneclick using an operator user that doesn't have NCM Task Approval privilege, task is created and a change order ticket is raised in Service Desk.

7. When the Service Desk user changes the state of this ticket to "Approved" in Service desk console , a notification is sent back to Spectrum and NCM Upload Task state (status) will change to "Approved" and can be executed.




8. Check under view -> notification history after opening the change order ticket. Eventhough we see the update notifications sent to Spectrum , the NCM task might not get approved in Oneclick Console.


Go to Service desk -> bin -> Oc-notification log to check if the notifications are sent to Spectrum.

9. Next step is to check the Spectrum notification method under Service desk web console -> Administration -> Notifications -> Notification methods and make sure the Spectrum Notification method is pointing to Notify Oneclick.bat. If this missing, edit the Spectrum notification method and change the field "Notification method" to "NotifyOneClick.bat".