How to configure ITCM to automatically stage packages that are not already staged when pushed via Software Delivery

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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In ITCM 12.x/14.x it is possible to tell Software Delivery to permanently store/stage any, thus far, unstaged package to the Scalability Server (SS) serving the application to the client(s) in question.


Typically if a package is not pre-staged to an SS library, the source files will only be 'temporarily' stored on the SS and then deleted at the conclusion of the job. This forces the package to be downloaded again each time it is pushed out and wastes time and network bandwidth.

This procedure is valid for any environment running CA IT CLIENT MANAGER or CLIENT AUTOMATION products and can be set in any installation that has access to a DSM Explorer interface.


The following procedure will allow any un-staged package to be permanently stored in the SS local library when pushed to client machines of that particular SS:

  1. Create a software delivery job to deploy any piece of software to any client machine:

    Figure 1
  2. Select desired package

    Figure 2

  3. Make sure to check the box for 'Open advanced job settings dialog when the Finish button is pressed.' before clicking 'Finish'.

    Figure 3

  4. When the 'Setup jobs' dialog appears, select the 'Jobs' tab and the 'Job Options' sub-tab. Check the box for 'Store packages in the Scalability Server's Staging Library'.

  5. Make sure to then click the button in the bottom right called 'Set as Default'

    Figure 4

  6. Now click 'OK' and push the job.

  7. ALL future jobs will now have this option checked by default and will therefor stage all packages pushed automatically unless the box is intentionally unchecked and Set as Default is re-selected.
Additional Information:

Reversing the process will change the default back to its original state.