How to Configure Default Settings in Microsoft Project to use with Clarity PPM

Document ID : KB000010047
Last Modified Date : 31/01/2019
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In order to prevent inconsistencies, please apply the following settings in Microsoft Project (MSP) when using it to open and save projects from Clarity PPM.
Red - required

Green - optional

Note: While configuring the options for an open project, a dropdown menu Options for this project: <project name> appears. Change the value to Options for this project: All New Projects. If there are no open projects, All New Projects will be automatically selected.

File > Options > General



File > Options > Schedule

Note: Do not make changes to the Calendar section.



File > Options > Advanced


Additional Information:
  • Reference KB000093573 for more tips on getting started with the Clarity PPM MSP New Driver and frequently reported issues
  • Reference KB000005264 for an issue you can run into if you do not have 'New Tasks created' set to Auto Scheduled.
  • Check CA Technologies Documentation (DocOps) for more information. Choose your PPM release, then navigate to Using > Project Management > Manage Projects with Microsoft Project (MSP) > Synchronization with Microsoft Project, then Configure Default Settings in Microsoft Project section.