How to configure Compuware Abend Aid CICS and CA SymDump CICS to run in parallel in CICS.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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How to configure Abend Aid for CICS and CA SymDump CICS to run in the same CICS region so both products can capture dumps for the same abend.


To get both products to capture dumps in the same CICS environment you need to do the following.

Start Symdump CICS before Abend Aid in the CICS PLTPI which gets executed at CICS Startup time.

PLTPI program for ABEND AID

Next configure CA SymDump CICS not to suppress the CICS dump after CA SymDump captures the dump to the PROTDMP file.

To do this you need to set a Symdump CICS parameter below to N.

//*          Valid Entry:    Y or N
//*          Default:        Y
//* Suppress CICS transaction dumps:  specify whether a transaction dump should be written to the CICS dump data set.

The SUPPRESSC=N parameter is stored in the CA SymDump CICS PROTDMP file and is initialized when the PROTDMP (VSAM FILE) is defined when you are doing the BASE install of the product.

Please review the installation JCL that creates the PROTDMP file and you will see all the Symdump CICS parameters.

If your PROTDMP file has already been defined you can use the CA SymDump CICS online transaction SYMD to change any of the parameters store in the PROTDMP file.

3 Configuration - Display/modify CA SymDump initialization parameters  

When viewing the parameter online the parameter is

Suppress transaction dumps: N (Y,N)

You MUST STOP and RESTART CA SymDump CICS after changing any of these parameters.