How to configure AWS probe templates to filter based on EC2 tags

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Customers using the AWS probe may wish to apply templates only to EC2 instances with specific tag/value combinations. This document provides a demonstration of that process.


In AWS itself, you will go to ‘Tags’ and from there, ‘Manage Tags’


Here, select one or more instances and create a tag/value pair.  In our example, I am going to tag one instance with the key “Server” and value “web” and I will tag another instance with the key “Server” and value “mail”.



When that’s done we have two instances with the same tag but different values as seen below:



Next we go into the AWS probe configuration in Admin Console and click on the top-level “aws” node and access ‘AWS E2 Tags’ and create a new tag:


Here you will enter the NAME (not value) of the EC2 tag(s) you have configured above.  This lets the probe know which EC2 tags you have configured.  For this example, we will enter “Server” as the EC2 tag, and “Tag Name” for the EC2 Label Type  since "Server" is the tag we created earlier:



 Save this configuration, and now you will see the EC2 tag listed:



Now, go to the Template Editor.


When configuring your template, you will go to the EC2 node, and Auto Filter:


Now when you go to create a new Rule, you will see the EC2 tag(s) you configured available in the dropdown menu:




Select this and then enter the value you want to match on – in this example I am choosing to monitor only servers with the “Server” EC2 tag that has a value of “web”:




Save the template.



Now this template will only be applied to EC2 resources with the configured tags.