How to configure additional queues for Support Automation (SA) in CA Service Desk Manager (CA SDM)

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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The Support Automation (SA) component of CA Service Desk Manager (CA SDM) has the ability to route Support Automation sessions into different queues based on the Category selected at the initiation of the SA session.

By default, Support Automation is configured for a single queue, which is named "Support".  Additional queues can be added by logging into CA SDM with an Administrator account, navigating to the "Administration" tab, then selecting Support Automation -> Queues -> Queue List.

Here is a screenshot showing the options when creating a new SA Queue


Queue Name: The name given to the SA queue

End User Display Name: This field will typically match the "Queue Name", but can be changed if a different display name should be shown to the CA SDM End Users.

Default: Only a single Queue should be marked as the "Default" queue unless multi-tenancy is enabled, then a Default SA queue should be created for each tenant that is using Support Automation.

Status: Used to set the Queue Active

Default Chat Preset: If a "Default Chat" is assigned, this message will display to the end user once the End User is connected to the Analyst.

Queue Hours: This is used to define which hours the Support Automation queue is "Open" and will allow sessions. If the queue is "Closed", the Support Automation session will transfer to the "Default" queue.  If the "Default" queue is closed, the End User will not be able to enter the Support Automation queue and will be presented with a message that the queue is closed.

Issue Category and Incident/Request Area: Is used to link a Category/Area to a Support Automation queue. If an End User selects the Category/Area prior to the beginning of the session, the session will route to the linked queue. Please note that only a single Category and Area may be entered per SA Queue.

Auto Transfer Users: Used to automatically transfer a session to this queue

Localized Queue End User Display Names: Can be used to present a different display name for the Queue based on the the end user's localization choice.


Once the SA Queue is created, it will need to be associated to a Support Automation Access Level in order for the Analyst to see the queue.

Once again log into CA SDM with an Administrator, navigate to the Administration tab, then select Security and Role Management -> Support Automation Access Control.  By default there is one "Analyst" based Access Level defined, which is called "Analyst".

Open the Access Level and go to the "Queues" tab - this will display a list of all Queues.  The "Update Queues" button can be selected to add or remove Queues from the Support Automation Access Level.  Additionally from the Access Level Details, you can select "Transfer Target Queues" to define Queues that the user will have the ability to transfer sessions to.

Additional Support Automation Access Levels should be created if certain Roles will only have access to certain Queues.  Once the Support Automation Access Level is created, it can be associated to the CA SDM Role under the "Authorization" tab of the Role.