How to configure a UMP page to open a specific dashboard automatically when the page loads

Document ID : KB000034309
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Note: Do NOT select Manage Page and change the type to URL.

Make sure the dashboard is already published.

Using your browser, open the dashboard link in a New Tab and expand the dashboard view to 'Live View,' using the 4-arrows icon to expand it.

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Then copy the dashboard live view url into Notepad.

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Then add a web content portlet to your Home page, OR add a new Page then add the web content portlet to the page.

Then click on the blue highlighted message in the web content portlet window...'Please configure the portlet...' OR click on the 'wrench icon' to open the 'WebContent - Configuration' window.

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Paste in the dashboard Live view url you copied into the 'Source URL' field.

Click Save.

Then close the Window.

***Use CA UIM 8.1 not 8.0. This does not work as expected in 8.0.

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