How to collect Vertica Scrutinize data for problem analysis

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Last Modified Date : 27/02/2018
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Vertica support has requested something called Scrutinize output for analysis while investigating an issue reported against the Data Repository Database servers. How is this data gathered to honor the request?





  • We will use a new utility in Vertica called Scrutinize. This utility collects information from all nodes in your cluster.
  • You only need to run it on one node in the cluster.
  • It does not matter which node is used unless one particular node is specifically requested for the tool run.
  • Creates a file named VerticaScrutinize.<date>.zip where date is replaced with a numeric date representation.
  • This date naming allows multiple calls to the scrutinize utility, resulting in different files created for each execution for easy differentiation between runs.
Data Repository, all versions


To generate the requested Scrutinize diagnostic data in order to help us investigate the issue involved, complete the following steps.

To run the utility:

Log in as the dradmin user and execute the following command:

/opt/vertica/bin/scrutinize -U '<username>' -P '<password>' -m '<CaseNumber>'

Please note that the username, password and CaseNumber values must be in single quotes for the scrutinize process to gather all of the data necessary to debug many issues. The scrutinize process will still run and collect system data if this isn't done, but it will be missing this vital information if the command is not formatted correctly.


Where '<username>' is the DB admin username, default is usually dradmin. Don't forget to include the single quotes!

Where '<password>' is the DB password, the same one used to stop/start the DB via the adminTools UI. Don't forget to include the single quotes!

Where '<CaseNumber>' is the Support Case Number involved with the request. Don't forget to include the single quotes!


For example if the DB user name is dradmin, the password (the same one used to stop/start the Vertica DB from the adminTools UI) is dbpass (default from the guides), the command run might look like this:

/opt/vertica/bin/scrutinize -U 'dradmin' -P 'dbpass' -m '00123456'

You can also include the -z switch, to include a certain number of old vertica.logs, The following example includes 5 previous vertica logs

/opt/vertica/bin/scrutinize -z5 -U 'dradmin' -P 'dbpass' -m 'Case 00123456'

When the process is completed, please upload the resulting VerticaScrutinize.<date>.zip file to the support case for analysis.