How to clear robot niscache from a remote node using a command line

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Last Modified Date : 24/12/2018
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When cloning systems with robot installed sometimes the robot ID of cloned system remains the same as the original one causing that system be not correctly discovered on UIM and could be listed on USM.  In order to address this problem is required to force a niscache reset on cloned robot box. 

To reset niscache using a command line please run the next two commands:
[NISOFT_HOME]\nimsoft\bin\pu -u [UIM_USER] -p [UIM_USER_PWD] [DOMAIN]/[HUB]/[ROBOT]/controller _nis_cache_clean "" "" 
[NISOFT_HOME]\nimsoft\bin\pu -u [UIM_USER] -p [UIM_USER_PWD] [DOMAIN]/[HUB]/[ROBOT]/controller _reset_device_id_and_restart "" 

[NISOFT_HOME] is the Nimsoft Software path 
[UIM_USER]  /  [UIM_USER_PWD]  are the Nimsoft user credential 
[DOMAIN] is the UIM Domain 
[HUB] is the UIM hub name where the robot with problems belongs 
[ROBOT] is the robot with problems belongs 

c:\nimsoft\bin\pu -u administrator -p passw /jal_XXXX_domain/jal_XXXX_hub/jalh_ROB_XX/controller _nis_cache_clean "" "" 
c:\nimsoft\bin\pu -u administrator -p passw /jal_XXXX_domain/jal_XXXX_hub/jalh_ROB_XX/controller _reset_device_id_and_restart "" 

Additional Information:
You can find at 000046393 note a procedure to perform this using Infrastructure Management.