How to check which FAST ESP processes are running?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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The following document explains how to check that the FAST ESP Processes are running.


Navigate to FastEsp\Bin directory on the command prompt and issue the following command:

nctrl sysstatus.

This will give the result of the FAST ESP processes that are running.

You may ideally see an output like the following :

Connecting to Node Controller at localhost:16015..
Issuing 'sysstatus' request to Node Controller..

Status for node : <servername>

Disk status : 79% used - 4.31 GB free - 15.65 GB used - 19.96 GB total

Module Name                          Process Name             PID            Status        
------------------------------      -------------------      --------       --------            
Adminserver                         adminserver               4936          Running       
Anchor Server Storage               anchorserver-storage      3632          Running       
Cache Manager                       cachemanager              3756          Running       
Clarity                             clarity_webcluster        4016          Running       
Query Completion Server             completionserver          1212          Running       
Config Server                       configserver              3448          Running       
Content Distributor                 contentdistributor        2728          Running       
Enterprise Crawler                  crawler                   4160          Running       
Web Server                          httpd                                   Running       
RTS Indexer                         indexer                   3588          Running       
Indexing Dispatcher                 indexingdispatcher        3652          Running        
License Manager                     lmgrd                     5308          Running       
Log Server                          logserver                  988          Running       
Log Transformer                     logtransformer            3724          Running       
Name Service                        nameservice               3660          Running       
Node Controller                     nctrl                     840           Running       
Document Processor                  procserver_1             2660           Running       
QRServer                            qrserver                 5536           Running       
Resource Service                    resourceservice          3204           Running       
RTS Search                          search-1                 4120           Running       
Storage Service                     storageservice           3272           Running