How to check which Datacom VSAM Transparency subsystems are active

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Last Modified Date : 16/01/2019
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CA Datacom VSAM Transparency (VSAMT) subsystem requires a z/OS subsystem (SSI) to work in batch.
On a z/OS LPAR, multiple VSAMT subsystems can be concurrently active.
Sometimes it is necessary to check which VSAMT subsystems are active.
CA Datacom VSAM Transparency batch on z/OS
If the VSAMT subsystems are defined via CAIRIM, a CAISUBU utility must be executed: 
//CAISUBU EXEC PGM=CAISUBU                        

It generates a report like the following one:
CAS9041I    Name   SSCT Address  Status   Init Routine 
CAS9042I    CA$K     00C09F88    ACTIVE                
CAS9042I    LAM      00C01078    ACTIVE     LAMMVSI    
CAS9042I    PANV     00C01050    ACTIVE                

CAS9042I    VT01     00BFFFA8    ACTIVE     DVVSI01    

The VSAMT subsystems can be easily identified in the above report as they have an Init Routine name composed by the string DVVSI followed by the subsystem prefix (as specified on CAIRIM statement); DVVSI01 in the above sample. 
Additional Information:
A subsystem could be also defined without using CAIRIM; in this case the D SSI MVS command returns the name of the active subsystems. 

Finally, some z/OS monitors provide commands to list MVS subsystems. With CA Sysview, one can issue the SUBSYS command and then search for the string DVVS (F DVVS).