How to check if the ITCM Agent Bridge is running and locate the Agent Bridge log files?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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How can we verify if the ITCM Agent Bridge is indeed running? I cannot see the log files for the Agent Bridge component under the default ITCM logs folder "..\Program files\CA\DSM\logs". Where are the Agent Bridge log files located?


To verify that the Asset Management Agent Bridge is running, open the Windows Task Manager and check the Processes tab for two processes: amLrss.exe and amss.exe. If these are listed, the AM Agent Bridge is enabled and running.

As for the Software Delivery Agent Bridge, which is fully integrated with the software delivery scalability server, if the software delivery scalability server is running, SD Agent Bridge is running.

After you run the command line script, AgentBridge.dms, you should restart the CAF service to ensure that all trace file entries are registered properly to the system. If after starting CAF, you still cannot see the Agent Bridge log files you can contact CA Support Online at for further assistance.

The name of the log file for the AM Agent Bridge mobile sector server module, amss.exe, is TRC_AMSS.LOG, not amss.log. It can be found in the ?Program files\CA\DSM\logs directory.

Note that there are two other new log files for the AM Agent Bridge:
Log file for the AM Agent Bridge translation module, amBridge.exe.
Log file for the AM Agent Bridge sector server module, amLrss.exe.