How to check der DB Version / DB Step

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Last Modified Date : 14/04/2018
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How to check der DB Version / DB Step


How to determine the current Version of your AE-Database schema.


The information about the current schema version of the AE database is distributed into 2 tables. UC_VERSI and VERSION.

With each Database-Version an additional row containing the major and minor revision is appended to UC_VERSI.
With each Database-Version and DB-Step the table VERSION is dropped an recreated. The only column in the table VERSION carries the name of the DB-Step.


SQL-Statements to retrieve the current DB-Version and DB-Step:

select top 1 VERSI_Major, VERSI_Minor, COLUMN_NAME as DB_Step from UC_VERSI, INFORMATION_SCHEMA.COLUMNS where TABLE_NAME = 'VERSION' order by VERSI_Major desc, VERSI_Minor desc;

select * from( select VERSI_Major, VERSI_Minor, COLUMN_NAME  DB_Step from UC_VERSI, USER_TAB_COLUMNS where table_name = 'VERSION' order by VERSI_Major desc, VERSI_Minor desc) where ROWNUM < 2;

DB2 (has to be adapted to match the database name):
select VERSI_Major, VERSI_Minor, NAME as DB_Step from UC_VERSI, SYSIBM.SYSCOLUMNS where TBNAME = 'VERSION' and TBCREATOR='your db schema owner here' order by VERSI_Major desc, VERSI_Minor desc fetch first 1 rows only;