How to check data from particular qos data table

Document ID : KB000010828
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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When UIM database is growing quickly, sometimes we see particular rn_qos_data table has huge rows.

We need to investigate on which robot/probe/target is filling up data to the rn_qos_data table.



The following sql query will help to verify which qos data is consuming most of space in the particular qos data table.

select COUNT(*) AS Count, sqd.probe, sqd.qos, sqd.robot, sqd.source, from <RN_QOS_DATA_table> rqd join S_QOS_DATA sqd on rqd.table_id = sqd.table_id group by sqd.probe,sqd.qos, sqd.robot,sqd.source, order by Count desc; -- replace <RN_QOS_DATA_table> with the problematic RN_ table in your UIM database