How to change your Jaspersoft Database password while changing database servers

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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After moving our Jaspersoft database from one server to another server, reports fail with error below
ORA-01017: invalid username/password; logon denied java.sql.SQLException
Steps to Reproduce:
  1. Login to CA PPM 
  2. Navigate to Advance Reporting Link 
  3. Go to Data source and test connection
Expected Result: The connection should be successful with a message connection passed
Actual Result: Test fails with error and in logs you will find the above error message


You need to recreate the password either in plain text or encrypted as per organizational security policy using below steps

Recreate the password in plain text:

1.       Open the following file with a text editor: 

$JSTomcat \webapps\reportservice\META-INF\context.xml

2.       Replace the details on the connection, enter the password in non-encrypted way for database, save and restart Jaspersoft.

Recreate the password in encrypted way:

  1. Go to your Jaspersoft Install files: $jasper_install\jasperreports-server-5.6.1-bin\buildomatic\
  2. Enter the correct value for Jasper DB Password in plain text
  3. Ensure all other values are still valid, such as Tomcat directory etc.
  4. Change the encrypt.done=true to encrypt=true
  5. Save the file.
  6. Now navigate to $jasper_install\jasperreports-server-5.6.1-bin\buildomatic
  7. Run the command: js-ant refresh-config this will remove and recreate all the configuration files without deploying them to the application server.
  8. Once done, get the context file from: $jasper_install\jasperreports-server-5.6.1-bin\buildomatic\build_conf\default\webapp\META-INF\context.xml and replace the one in $JSTomcat\webapps\reportservice\META-INF\context.xml
  9. Restart Jaspersoft Tomcat

Additional Information:

Reference CA PPM Tech Tip: How to replace your Jaspersoft Database password so it remains encrypted