How to change the text displayed by the Common Application Framework (CAF) in the command line and in CAF dialog boxes?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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All of the text displayed by CAF is externalized in a resource file
e.g. caf.enu which by default is located in:
x:\program files\ca\Unicenter DSM\bin (up to 11.1)
x:\program files\ca\DSM\bin (11.2)
NOTE : With 11.2a it is necessary to select the correct resource file for the language installed.

The structure of this file is self explanatory the 2 sections likely to be of most interest are

contains the strings used by the CAF Command line interface (CLI).

Contains the strings used by the CAF Dialog

Modifications to the file are straight forward e.g.

To change the title of the CAF Dialog displayed when a reboot is requested locate the section [cfCafDialog] and then modify the text for the parameter


No restart is necessary

It is not possible to change the resource file in the master image prior to installation as it is contained within a source cab file so this is a post install process. However if you carry out an administrative install of the agent plugins then the cab files are fully expanded. This would allow you to make these modifications prior to carrying out network installations of the agent plugins to target computers.

NOTE: Although changing the text in this way will not cause any technical issues it could cause confusion if a support incident is raised based on the customized messages as CA will not have any reference for these messages.

Additionally any changes made would need to be backed up before applying any future upgrade or posted fix as the customizations would be lost if the resource file is updated in the upgrade or fix.

See TEC403223 for details on modifying the banner bitmap.