How to change the 'return-page' after a request has been submitted?

Document ID : KB000048111
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Client would like to change the page that the user is navigated to automatically, to a custom one. E.G.


Please follow the next steps to accomplish this:

  1. Copy %USM_HOME%\view\webapps\usm\explorer\request\catalogcheckout.xsl
    to %USM_HOME%\Service Catalog\filestore\custom\explorer\request

    (you might need to create the 'request' folder when it does not exist)

  2. Edit the file catalogcheckout.xsl - the function was called 'didAction:'

     	else          {  url += "&amp;fromCheckout=true-save"; url += "&amp;lsavedreqID=<xsl:value-of select="/xmlRoot/COLLECTION/usm_request/request_id/LITERAL"/>"; url += "&amp;lsavedreqName=" + encodeURIComponent(req_name.value); } //window.location.href = url; //success save submit - go to home page window.location.href = '' }

    It appears that the URL is actually what saves the requests

    • I replicate the last function and pointed it at Google.

    • Commented-out the original line

  3. Stop the 'CA Service View' service

  4. Empty/clear folder: %USM_HOME%\Service Catalog\view\translets

  5. Start the 'CA Service View' service

  6. Logon to SC-UI

    SC/home/requests>open a new request/checkout/save&submit >>