How to change the number of entries returned by the ldap?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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- when listing all userids we are gettíng a truncation in list of results saying the following: 

# search result 
search: 2 
result: 4 Size limit exceeded 

# numResponses: 501 
# numEntries: 500 
Sat Sep 16 10:42:37 MESZ 2017 

Where can I increase that value? 


CA Top Secret for z/OS r16.0 or r15.0

CA System z Communication Server DSI/LDAP/PAM, well knwo as CA LDAP server r15.0 or r15.1



- The CA LDAP parameter which handle the number of entries returned  is described below:


sizelimit {<integer>|unlimited} 
(optional) Specifies the maximum number of objects that are returned to the requesting application from a search operation. Make this option the server default value by configuring it before any database section. Make this option the default value for a single database by configuring it within a database section. If both a server value and database value are supplied, the database value overrides the server value. Specify that you do not want results from the server by entering 0. Specify no limit by using unlimited or -1. 

Note: Previous releases have used 0 to mean unlimited. In this release, 0 means "do not return any data." 
Limits: 0 to 2147483647. 
Default: 500 

So change the slapd.conf (the configuration file) and restart the LDAP Server.


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- For additional information about the CA Ldap configuration file go to link: