How to change the name of an attribute in CA PPM Jaspersoft Domain

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Last Modified Date : 11/04/2018
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How to change the label of an attribute in CA PPM Jaspersoft Domain
You might have a scenario where you need to change the name of attributes in the Adhoc Views. 
In order to do this , you need to change their label in the Domain. 
CA PPM out of box Jaspersoft provides bundle files and the changes are to be made in these bundle files. 
Here is how you can perform the change:

1, Go to Advanced Reporting and click on "View List" under Domains. 
2. Right click on the Custom Domain you are looking to edit.This will open the Edit Domain Page
User-added image
3. Under Locale Bundles on the right side click on the first one and this will get downloaded. Open the file and ensure it has the correct locale.
4. Look for the attribute that you want to change and you should see a line like
For example, ID in the below screenshot

User-added image
5. Edit this line to change the name of the attribute how it shows up in the Adhoc View creation page.
Attribute.LABEL=Changed Attribute
User-added image
6. Save the file on to your machine.
7. Click on the change button next to the Locale bundle - upload the file from the machine and click on Select. 
User-added image
8. Click on Submit on the Edit Domain page. 

Now, when you try to create an Adhoc View using the above domain , the names of attributes will be changed to the new name. 

Please note: Do not make changes to the OOTB domains. You can create a copy of those and makes changes and use them instead.