How to change the Jasper Server Hostname when using an alias?

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Last Modified Date : 01/06/2018
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We coupled the Jaspersoft with OneClick SRM and all is working fine, with it: no problems at all. 

The hostname, as filled out in the OneClick web Administration/Report Manager/Jasper Integration: "Jasper server Hostname" is a bit complicated, according to the users. 
A alias is created, added to the DNS and the host file and tested and all seems OK. 
We tried to change the hostname in the field "Jasper server Hostname" but it does not seems to be possible. 
Whatever we try, it looks good and can be saved, but if we go out of this tab and come back in, the old one is back there. 

Spectrum (prior to 10.3) integrated with Jasper reporting.
1) Navigate to $SPECROOT/mysql/bin in CLI. 
2) Enter the following for linux

       ./mysql --defaults-file=../my-spectrum.cnf -uroot -proot reporting 
                       for windows:
        ./mysql -uroot -proot reporting                
3) Now execute the following update registry set jasperHost='%FQDN%' where reg_user='System'; 
4) Now execute the below two commands:

GRANT SELECT, EXECUTE on reporting.* TO 'CR_user'@'%FQDN%' IDENTIFIED BY '0n3cl1Ck'; 
GRANT SELECT, EXECUTE on srmdbapi.* TO 'CR_user'@'%FQDN%' IDENTIFIED BY '0n3cl1Ck'; 

Note: Please replace the %FQDN% with the host name which you would like to save with.
Additional Information:
This will be permanently changed with 10.3