How to change the due date of approval request?

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Last Modified Date : 02/10/2018
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When an approver opens an action item generated by a custom Approval Process, the Due Date has been specified automatically. Sometime it has been dated very closed to the request open date, for example, the request was submitted today, but the due date has been set to today too. It looks the field is read-only and there is no way to change it. Is there a away to change the due date of the action item?
We can change it if we change the default due date of the action item, the default due date was set as "End of Current Week". However it affects all action items. There is no way to change a specific action item or action items in a specific approval process.

In order to set up the due date other than "End of Current Week", please follow the below steps.

1. Go to 'Administration' and select "Object" under Studio.
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2. Type ”Action" in Object Name field and search for it.
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3. Open searched "Action Item" and click on [Views] tab. Click on "Fields" link of "Action Item Properties"
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4. Open Properties of 'Due Date'.
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5. Set Rolling Date of "Override Default Date". e.g. End of Next Week
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6. Save the change.

7. Continue from step 3 to 6 to the and "Action Item Details".